The sculptures of Marjan Lambers

Whoever looks at the sculptures made by Marjan Lambers, enters a peculiar
world full of magic characters and mysterious figures.
An imaginative world in which the spectator can interprete and associate
to his heart’s content –a way of looking and experiencing that enables him
to elaborate on Lambers’ personal/typical way of working; in an intuitive
and associative way she searches for the shapes in the material, expressing
the thoughts from her inner world.

Her method of working is characterized by freedom and adventure, which is immediately reflected in the resulting sculptures.
By maintaining the organic aspects Lambers aims for taut compositions
without any redundancies; freedom and adventure, guided by the power
of shape and a great sense of balance and stability.

In her earlier work Lambers made assemblies of a diversity of materials.
She was guided by the tension evoked by the combinations of the different
characteristics of the material and its shapes.
Proceeding from this tension she cautiously constructed her story.
Paying much attention to skin and colour and carefully adding the finishing
details, there existed a narrative construction with an archetypical radiation.
Her small sculptures dating from that period are symbolic mysterious objects,
suggesting a function, a story which is difficult to put into words, but which
is instantly felt and suspected by the spectator.

Her more recent work radiates the similar intangible mystery.
It is more abstract although we can still imagine persons, and the sculptures
still insinuate this mysterious archetypical age.
Lambers, however, is now following a totally different method of working.
She confines herself to one material and works from the outside to the inner
part. In wood and stone she pursues that shape and expressiveness of which
she instinctively knows they lie hidden somewhere.

Nowadays she still proceeds very detailed and precisely, but in a more sensory
and three-dimensional way.
Her latest sculptures fully explore the sensual possibilities of space and stir
the imagination.
They are very pleasing to the eye, with a mild character, lively and fanciful,
exploring the space around them as only perceptive living creatures can.
Her work shows a balanced world, that does not start from comprehension
but from playfulness and intuition, with a moving as well as often joyful
profusion of shapes.

Marco Kunst